Division of Diagnostic Imaging

Marshall E. Hicks, M.D.
Division Head

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center's Division of Diagnostic Imaging has more than a dozen technologies available for radiologists to visualize tumors in both bone and soft tissue. From standard radiology to advanced techniques that can view the tiniest blood vessels, our radiologists take diagnosis, tumor staging and treatment planning to a whole new level. Our dedicated radiologists are committed to partnering with you for the diagnosis and care of your patient, as well as to provide you with quick and easy access for imaging services.

The Diagnostic Imaging team at MD Anderson is a dedicated group of healthcare professionals committed to providing high-quality patient care, research, and educational programs for our patients, the institution, and the community at large, utilizing and promoting innovation in diagnostic imaging and therapies for benign and malignant oncologic diseases.

Departments and Sections

Abdominal ImagingBreast ImagingCancer Systems Imaging
Imaging PhysicsInterventional RadiologyMusculoskeletal Imaging
Neuroradiology - Head & Neck ImagingNuclear MedicineThoracic Imaging



The mission of The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Division of Diagnostic Imaging is to contribute to the prevention and elimination of cancer through outstanding patient-centered imaging, transformative research and exceptional education.


We shall be the preeminent diagnostic and interventional cancer imaging center, recognized for our outcomes-driven patient care, innovative science and the excellence of our people.