Intellectual Property Development Fund

The Department of Cancer Biology can offset some of the costs in developing agents that would allow for the filing of a patent. This would be an investment in the faculty and may generate more funds in the long run for MD Anderson, the Department and your laboratory program. Examples of such agents would include the production of monoclonal antibodies, the screening of small molecule libraries, or other therapeutics including siRNAs therapeutics.

Due to the high costs of developing any of the above technologies, each faculty member will be allowed to use up to $5,000 per fiscal year for developing agents. One would need to pursue an IDR (internal link) with the legal/tech transfer office here at MD Anderson. A small review committee to evaluate such proposals will be headed by Craig Logsdon, Ph.D. Faculty members wishing to use these funds for IP issues need to submit a brief description (less than one page) of the project, an IDR, and a very brief budget to show how funds would be utilized. This funding is available to those investigators who contribute M&O (maintenance and operations) and money from the Research Funding Model to the Department.

The Chair of the Committee that oversees these funds is Dr. Craig Logsdon.

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