Our faculty carry out independent research to develop and improve the quantitative science that underlies bioinformatics tools and methods. The tools and software they develop are freely available. 

Current Faculty Projects:

  • Genome Data Analysis Center (GDAC), as part of The Cancer Genome Atlas project of the NIH
  • Combining drug sensitivity results with gene expression profiles
  • Discovering and validating cancer signatures in reverse-phase protein lysate array (RPPA) data
  • Better quantifications and processing of RPPA data
  • Analysis of methylation arrays
  • Searching for alternative splicing using exon arrays
  • Sample size computations for microarray and proteomics profiling experiments
  • Low-level processing of mass spectrometry proteomics data

Bioinformatics Support or Collaboration

The faculty and analysts in our department collaborate with and provide bioinformatics support for research in the clinical and basic sciences at MD Anderson. Assistance with grant submissions or data analyses should be requested at the earliest possible time through the Bioinformatics Project Initiation and Tracking System.  

Bioinformatics Clinic:  Statistical analysts are available during a weekly 2-hour drop-in clinic to answer researchers' questions about microarray data analysis, statistical interpretation and other bioinformatics-related computational issues.