Goals and objectives of the Department of Behavioral Science include the following:

  • Conducting behavioral research on cancer risk behaviors, including the development of a behavioral sciences knowledge base

  • Expanding interdisciplinary collaborative research programs between behavioral scientists and other disciplines, including basic science, clinical research and population-based sciences

  • Assuring a cohesive, multidisciplinary, critical mass of behavioral science investigators within a well-funded research program

  • Building clinical research programs in smoking cessation, genetic counseling and testing for hereditary cancer susceptibility and psychosocial oncology

  • Expanding the psychobiology research program for the purpose of conducting research on nicotine dependence, withdrawal and relapse and on basic biobehavioral mechanisms

  • Focusing research programs on high-risk, underserved and minority populations wherever possible

Read about our Behavioral Science research programs in the Research section, in Prevention and Personalized Risk Assessment.