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Allied Health is comprised of several different areas of expertise including Clinical Nutrition, Head and Neck, Imaging Services, Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, Perioperative Enterprise, Pharmacy, Rehabilitation, Respiratory Care and Social Work. There's an opportunity for everyone on our dynamic team. Whether you're in the clinic or the laboratory, the office or out in the community, there's a place for you as we work to eliminate cancer around the globe.

Pharmacist - Pharmacy consists of professional components and administrative support services that include Patient Care Services, Research, Academic Programs, Pharmaceutical Policy and Outcomes Research, and Drug Use Policy.

Pharmacy technician - Pharmacy technicians work under the supervision of a board certified pharmacist and provides technical assistance in the preparation and delivery of pharmaceuticals and equipment from Pharmacy to patients.

Physical therapist - Rehabilitation Services strives to provide patients with a comprehensive treatment program to assist them while they are here.

Occupational therapist - Rehabilitation Services strives to provide patients with a comprehensive treatment program to assist them while they are here.

Physician assistant - Our physician assistants provide direct diagnostic and therapeutic patient care under physician supervision.

Histology - Our Histology Department provides technical expertise, coordination, administrative support and/or supervision in a histology research laboratory.

Phlebotomy - Phlebotomists, blood donor technicians, cord blood collectors and clinical investigation technicians are responsible for all routine test procedures necessary to evaluate and maintain the general health of MD Anderson's cancer patients.

X-Ray Technology - Our technologists use state of the art equipment to create images of the human body for clinical purposes in an effort to reveal, diagnose or examine disease.

Nuclear Medicine Technology - The highly skilled technologist provides technical performance and supervision of all procedures in the field of Nuclear Medicine including diagnostic imaging, function testing radioassay testing and therapeutic procedures.

Medical technologist - Performs procedures using analytical methodology in a clinical laboratory.

Social Work - In Social Work our professional staff provides comprehensive assessment and counseling services to individuals, families and groups or performs non-patient care administrative duties enhancing the departments programs and practices.

Clinical Nutrition - Clinical Nutrition strives to promote comprehensive nutrition care for our patients and cancer-related nutrition education for the public-at-large.

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