BY Danielle Underferth

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic stretches on, the HPV vaccine may not seem like a priority for parents worried about keeping their families socially distanced and safe.

But our experts say COVID-19 should not derail critical preventive care for kids. That includes the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine.

“Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, it was really about just stopping your life, shutting everything down, and making...

Doctor and young girl patient wearing masks,  with doctor administering vaccine to patient

BY Shannon LaDuke

Mary Taylor thought she was experiencing pelvic pain due to endometriosis in early 2015. She never suspected it was a symptom of vaginal cancer...

BY Cynthia DeMarco

Each year, approximately 100,000 women are diagnosed with some form of gynecologic cancer: cervical, ovarian, fallopian tube, uterine (also...

BY Clayton Boldt

Sexual problems are one of the most common long-term side effects that cancer patients face. In a survey of MD Anderson cancer patients, almost half of men and women said they had new sexual problems after treatment. Common problems include:

Erection problems in men Vaginal dryness and pain in women Loss of sexual desire

Below, Leslie Schover, Ph.D., professor in Behavioral Science and Gynecologic Oncology and Reproductive...

Read about sexual intimacy problems in cancer patients.

BY Linda Ryan

As a cervical cancer survivor, I have spent considerable time and energy trying to protect my children from cancer. I didn't want them to...