BY Ronda Wendler

Betsy Lucas was five months pregnant when a curious dime-sized lump arose on her neck.

Her family doctor thought it was likely an inflamed lymph node caused by a recent sinus infection. But a biopsy revealed Betsy had Burkitt lymphoma, a fast-growing type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma that occurs most often in young adults and children.

“I was stunned,” Betsy says. “The bump appeared out of nowhere, overnight.”


Betsy Lucas holding 10-month-old Aurelia

BY Brian Heard

I often joke that parenting is more difficult than cancer treatment. Some days I feel that statement holds true, but fatherhood is a challenge...

BY John Chattaway

When Jameisha Brown was diagnosed with Burkitt's lymphoma, a type of b-cell lymphoma, her 8-year-old mind reasoned that it couldn't be too...