BY Ronda Wendler

Teresa and Billy Mayo have shared almost everything during their 46-year marriage. But the couple recently shared something they never anticipated: breast cancer.

Teresa was diagnosed in 2018, and Billy in 2020.

“We thought we were done with breast cancer when Teresa finished treatment,” Billy says. “It never occurred to me that I could get breast cancer, too.”

Mammogram signals the first signs of trouble


Breast cancer survivors Teresa and Billy Mayo stand holding hands beside and MD Anderson Cancer Center sign.

BY Danielle Underferth

Male breast cancer is extremely rare. About 1% of breast cancers in the United States occur in males.  But certain men do run the risk...

BY David Dudak

When I got my second cancer diagnosis in early 2017, I was already going to MD Anderson regularly to see Dr. Alessandra Ferrajoli. I’d been...

BY Ronnie Pace

Last year, well into my third year of recovery from male breast cancer, I discovered a small lump where a lump should not have been. Once again, my life took an unexpected path.

Like the first tumor, this one was discovered by accident, or by my assessment, divine intervention.

Spotting the lump

In August 2015, I was interviewed for a male breast cancer documentary. Toward the end of the filming, I was asked to remove...

Cancerwise blog photo: Ronnie Pace

BY Ronnie Pace

There are approximately 2,200 men in the United States who are diagnosed with breast cancer each year, and I am one of them.


BY Laura Nathan-Garner

One in two men will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime. And, one in six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, the second...

BY Oliver Bogler

It's been 259 days since my male breast cancer diagnosis. Since then, I've undergone 15 chemotherapy infusions, 35 doses of Zofran...

BY Laura Nathan-Garner

Last summer, Oliver Bogler felt a lump in his chest -- one that sometimes seemed to grow and ache. Though his Internet searches told him it...

BY Oliver Bogler

This past week I reached a major milestone in my male breast cancer treatment - my last chemo, certainly for now and hopefully forever.

BY Lucy Richardson

Breast cancer is typically thought of as a woman's disease. But men develop the disease, too. And, due to a lack of awareness about male...