BY Gina Van Thomme

When John Paul Shen, M.D., tells people he studies appendix cancer, many are surprised to learn that you can get appendix cancer in the first place.

Perhaps this response isn’t totally unwarranted. Appendix cancer is rare. There are just over 3,000 cases diagnosed in the United States each year. On top of that, the appendix’s location near the large and small intestine meant appendix cancer was considered — and treated as — colorectal...

Medical illustration showing the intestines and appendix

BY Kellie Bramlet Blackburn

Hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) is an innovative type of cancer treatment. During this procedure, doctors perform a surgery...

BY Laura Nathan-Garner

When you’re facing cancer, a mantra may help you stay
focused and hopeful. And often, the best mantra for your journey comes from&nbsp...

BY Ivanna Kern

I recently celebrated my sixth cancerversary with no evidence of appendix cancer. Since my appendix cancer diagnosis, I’ve learned the importance of appreciating each day and celebrating the little things in life.

Here are some of the ways my family and friends helped me find joy during treatment and ways I continue to celebrate life post-treatment.

Celebrating milestones during appendix cancer treatment

My family...

Cancerwise blog: Appendix cancer survivor Ivanna Kern shares how she celebrates the little things

BY Ivanna Kern

Six years ago, I was diagnosed with appendix cancer, a very rare cancer diagnosed in less than 1,000 people in the U.S. each year.


BY Jenny Montgomery

Like millions of other people, physician assistant Aki Ohinata gets bored with exercise. But instead of longing for a comfy couch and a bag...

BY Laura Nathan-Garner

Each year, fewer than 1,000 Americans are diagnosed with appendix cancer, also called appendiceal cancer.

The appendix is located in...