BY Jacqueline Mason

Our doctors are dreamers. They dream of conquering cancer and adding meaningful years to our patients' lives. Our Investigational Pharmacy Services team helps them turn those dreams into reality.

This highly specialized team of eight pharmacists and 11 pharmacy technicians enables MD Anderson to have the largest clinical trials program in the world.

Every investigational drug that enters our institution travels through the...

MD Anderson's Investigational Pharmacy Services team helps get new drugs approved to give our patients more treatment options.

BY Jennifer Davis

If my doctors at MD Anderson had told me that I would be standing on top of Camelback Mountain in Arizona just 10 months after my stem cell...

BY Kellie Bramlet

Whether you're a patient or a caregiver, cancer treatment is stressful. But our social work counselors can help.

At MD Anderson,...

BY Michele Longabaugh

My husband Jerry and I left on a Sunday to drive to MD Anderson for yet another anal cancer checkup. The weather was forecasted to be balmy, so we packed our shorts. The drive was beautiful. As we cruised south, I watched the fall colors fading back to green closer to Houston.

Observations from an MD Anderson waiting room
I knew the next day would be big: it would be only the second time ever that I was going to receive my...