BY Katie Brooks

You see them walking the skybridge: some people wearing patient identification wristbands, some people wearing employee badges. But there are many of us who wear both.

Employees who are patients have experienced MD Anderson’s cancer care first-hand. And many are using the lessons they learned during and after their treatment to give hope, advice and support to other patients and survivors.

A new perspective on support

MD Anderson employee Jamie Bernard is also a breast cancer survivor.

BY Mena El-Sharkawi

As Barb White has learned, life’s other challenges don’t stop when you’re diagnosed with cancer.

In February 2014, Barb -- then age...

BY Marissa Henley

When a friend faces cancer, she will probably endure many experiences that are unique to cancer patients. The uniqueness of these experiences...

BY Brittany Cordeiro

Sleep is essential to life. 

But restless nights are all too common for cancer caregivers, who may be experiencing stress or caring for a loved one who is also suffering from disrupted sleep. 

"Sleep deprivation negatively affects a person's health and quality of life," says Diwakar Balachandran, M.D., MD Anderson Sleep Center medical director. It can cause moodiness, memory troubles and problems focusing...

BY Dave Balachandran, M.D.

Sleep is fundamental to life. From the smallest single cell organisms to living, breathing human beings, every creature on earth gets rest...