BY Nicolas Palaskas, M.D.

Every year, the number of cancer survivors grows. That’s why it’s becoming increasingly important for doctors to make sure cancer treatments don’t cause any lingering side effects — particularly when it comes to heart health.

Heart problems are the leading cause of death in Americans each year. Cancer is No. 2. So if we’re able to cure someone’s cancer, we certainly don’t want to leave them with any cardiovascular issues.

Soft fake heart in a doctor's outstretched hand

BY Pamela J. Schlembach, M.D.

Many breast cancer patients undergo radiation therapy as part of their treatment. While radiation therapy often comes with side effects, such...

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BY Lori Baker

Susan Gilchrist, M.D., loves to take on a challenge and to build things. Her latest passion is building a program that helps cancer patients return to, or even exceed, their levels of heart health prior to diagnosis. A new twist on her efforts is offering to play tennis with patients.

It’s a game Gilchrist knows very well.

The Huntsville, Alabama, native started playing tennis at age 9.

“My dad was taking tennis lessons...

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