BY Devon Carter

Our bodies naturally heal after our skin gets cut, and they can defend against the common cold. So, why not cancer?

The relationship between our body’s natural defense system – known as the immune system – and cancer is complex. Sometimes the immune system recognizes and destroys cancer. But cancer often finds a way to avoid immune destruction. Other times, immune cells have a flaw that leads to cancer, such as with B-cell lymphoma...

Blue T cell works to divide and proliferate. The T cell has split into two separate cells still bridged by cellular material. Other blue T cells and red blood cells float in the background.

BY Clayton Boldt, Ph.D.

Adoptive cellular therapy is a form of immunotherapy that uses cells from our immune systems, such as T cells, as a treatment for cancer....

BY Laura Nathan-Garner

A cancer diagnosis can require you to expand your vocabulary, learn about treatment options and side effects, and ask questions you never...

BY Mary Ann Hellinghausen

Elizabeth Mittendorf’s first year in medical school didn’t bode well for a career as a doctor. During one of her early encounters with a patient, she fainted. And it wasn’t due to blood or gore.

It was the pain of a patient with a broken wrist.

“My face hit the counter, and I became the patient,’’ says Mittendorf, M.D., Ph.D., associate professor in Breast Surgical Oncology.

At the time, Mittendorf had been questioning...

Cancerwise Blog Post: Elizabeth Mittendorf, M.D., Ph.D.

BY Britta Fortson

Some 23 years ago, I was 19 and getting ready to start college at Florida State University. But after experiencing blurry vision that could...