BY Ronda Wendler

As a horse trainer, Trey Bullinger spends hours in the saddle every day.  That’s why he blamed hemorrhoids when he noticed blood in his stool.

“Moving up and down on a horse can do that to you,” he says.

But Trey would soon learn that the bleeding was caused by rectal cancer, not hemorrhoids.

Rectal cancer symptoms provide a wake-up call

Trey’s story starts like that of many rectal cancer survivors. He...

Trey Bullinger herds cattle riding Blazer Lena Rey

BY Gina Van Thomme

When Daniel ‘Joe’ Einspahr, M.D., and his son bike into Virginia Beach next summer, they will have more than one reason to celebrate. Not...

BY Ronda Wendler

Musician Jeff Blankenship was playing guitar in the orchestra pit during a local theatre’s live production of “American Idiot” when he began...

BY Marivel Preciado

I recently completed radiation therapy, but I’m still waiting to find out if it was successful in destroying a tumor that spread to my lung nearly five years after my initial Ewing’s sarcoma treatment.

As I wait for my follow-up appointment in August, I’m trying to ignore the what-ifs. I’m 37 years old and a mother of five. That alone helps keep me distracted. But I’m also approaching this summer with a plan.

My first Ewing...

Ewing's sarcoma survivor Marivel Preciado poses with her children.

BY Mena El-Sharkawi

Last year, Primus Moore was among seven referees selected to officiate Oklahoma’s all-state high school football games.

“It’s inspiring...

BY Robbie Johnson

Before I enrolled in one of MD Anderson’s triple-negative breast cancer clinical trial in November 2016, I was in a dark place. I’d been re-diagnosed...

BY Jessica Garcia

In the last five years, I’ve competed in 10 professional outrigger canoeing competitions across North and South America. I’ve also had stereotactic...

BY Mena El-Sharkawi

A little over a year ago, Robbie Johnson was desperately searching for the right metastatic breast cancer treatment.

"I’d been...

BY Mena El-Sharkawi

Jerry McLeary can recall the exact moment he just knew that his journey with a rare form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma would end happily.

BY Meagan Raeke

When the headache started, Tabatha Conway recognized it immediately. Although it had been 20 years since she first felt that headache, she...