BY Sandy Goss

I always thought my husband would be the last one to receive a cancer diagnosis.  

Bill had always been very athletic and proactive about his health. Then, in 2008, at age 57, he found a lump under his left arm while taking a shower. As a nurse, I knew this hard, immovable lump was more than just a cyst. A biopsy revealed Bill had metastatic melanoma, with the original site unknown.

We immediately chose MD Anderson...

Bill and Sandy Goss

BY Bob Wilkes

In 2012, my dermatologist in South Carolina noticed a bump on my cheek. A biopsy showed that I had stage IV melanoma. 


BY Kellie Bramlet

Whether you're a patient or a caregiver, cancer treatment is stressful. But our social work counselors can help.

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BY MD Anderson

Deborah F. MacFarlane, M.D., professor in the Department of Dermatology at MD Anderson
answers questions about Mohs surgery as treatment for some skin cancers.

What types of cancer is Mohs surgery used for?
Mohs is most often used for those patients with basal or squamous cell carcinomas that appear in areas of the body where tissue conservation is especially important. This includes tumors on the face, head or neck,...