BY Heather Alexander

If you’re trying to eat healthy, you probably don’t go a day without thinking about sugar. Avoiding sugar is hard because it’s in most foods.

Luckily, there’s no reason to cut sugar out completely. The key, says wellness dietitian Lindsey Wohlford, is to know the difference between natural and refined sugars – and recognize how they impact your body.

“Natural sugar is naturally occurring in food. Think of the sugar that&...

photo shows fruit on one side and candy and pastries on the other.

BY Heather Alexander

Weight loss usually requires more than willpower. That’s because adjusting what you eat and how much you exercise are big lifestyle changes...

BY Katie Brooks

You’ve probably heard about MD Anderson’s Moon Shots Program™. But what is it?

We asked Ernest Hawk, M.D., co-leader of the Colorectal Cancer Moon Shot™, to tell us about the program and how prevention plays a role.

Here’s what he told us.

What is MD Anderson’s Moon Shots Program?

Our Moon Shots Program is about accelerating the translation of clinical and basic science discoveries into medical practice. This...

Cancerwise Blog Post: Learn how MD Anderson's Cancer Moon Shots Program is working to end cancer through cancer prevention

BY Clayton Boldt, Ph.D.

A well-balanced diet that’s rich in plant foods, including legumes and whole grains is important for everyone, including cancer survivors....