BY Heather Alexander Dahl

Some people make exercise look so easy. They’re at the gym several times a week, posting running times from their fitness app. It’s like they know something the rest of us don’t.

So, what do they know that the rest of us don’t? We talked to MD Anderson fitness specialist Carlos Duncan and got his take on common fitness questions.

1. What is the secret to staying motivated?

Motivation comes and goes. Planning and discipline...

Illustration shows older woman doing exercise at home

BY Ronda Wendler

For years, doctors have recommended exercise to reduce patients’ risk of developing cancer, and to help cancer survivors thrive after treatment...

BY Molly Adams

Depending on your lifestyle and how you spend your downtime, you may find yourself sitting or lying down more than you’re moving throughout...

BY Heather Alexander

When it comes to exercise, the most important thing is that you do it. But if you like high-intensity exercise, research suggests that doing it in the evening might disrupt your sleep.

That’s because high intensity exercise can affect your internal body clock, known as your circadian rhythm.

“High-intensity exercise is anything that gets your heart rate up to a level where you’re only able to say a few words, but you can...

illustration show man running with sunrise behind

BY Meagan Raeke

Breast cancer treatment took a toll on Debbie Mendoza, but she regained her strength and energy with the help of Active Living After Cancer...

BY Heather Alexander

When it comes to strength training, the idea of becoming bulky is off-putting for some people.

If you don’t want big muscles, a class...

BY Heather Alexander

Weight loss usually requires more than willpower. That’s because adjusting what you eat and how much you exercise are big lifestyle changes...

BY Heather Alexander

Strength training is about more than looking good. Strong muscles make your daily activities easier and help keep your body injury-free.