BY Brittany Cordeiro

On the back of Alicia Bennett’s favorite T-shirt is her design of a tree with the words, “Go out on a limb.”

The shirt honors the 17-hour cancer operation that removed the 23-year-old college student’s watermelon-sized tumor, along with her right arm and breast, chest wall, sternum and six ribs.

“I use lots of humor to cope,” says Alicia, who has been coping with a desmoid tumor – a type of soft tissue sarcoma – since she...

Cancerwise blog post: Learn how a 17-hour surgery finally gave Alicia Bennett her life back after she was diagnosed with a desmoid tumor, a type of soft-tissue sarcoma.

BY Ryan Stephens

When Elizabeth Sanchez decided to move back to Houston from California in November 2014, she couldn’t quite explain what was drawing her back...

BY Kai Dunbar

Seven years ago, I was diagnosed with stage III melanoma.

I didn’t spend a lot of time in the sun before my malignant melanoma...

BY Taylor Nance

By the fall of my freshman year, I was well on my way to navigating high school when something unexpected came up -- a stage III melanoma diagnosis. 

I remember it vividly. It was Nov. 3, 2011 -- the first Friday I'd been invited to sit with the varsity dance team at the Austin High School football game. I had made a trip to the dermatologist after a spot suddenly appeared on my ear and began growing quickly. <...