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Standards of Practice

In our function as Ombudspersons at MD Anderson, we adhere to the best practices of professional organizational ombudspersons as those Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics are defined by The International Ombudsman Association. Use of our services is made upon the express understanding that the user has agreed that the Ombuds Office holds the privilege of confidentiality over any interactions with the Ombuds Office, and that privilege does not belong to, and cannot be waived by, the user. 

We adhere to these four key standards:

The Ombuds Office is INDEPENDENT of other organizational structures and operates outside the usual institutional chains of command. For administrative purposes, the Ombuds Office reports to the President's Office. The Office was designed in this way to provide employees with a safe place to confidentially discuss workplace conflicts, complaints or disputes outside of formal institutional channels without fear of retaliation.

As we discuss your concerns, we will remain IMPARTIAL and NEUTRAL. As Ombudspersons, we do not advocate for staff level employees or for managers. Rather we advocate for timely, win-win resolutions of workplace issues.

The Ombuds Office is a CONFIDENTIAL channel for employees, trainees, and students to surface workplace issues. Communication is private and will be kept confidential, except in rare circumstances when we determine that there is imminent risk of serious harm.

The Ombuds Office is an INFORMAL resource. We do not keep formal written records. It is important to understand that contacting the Ombuds Office is not the same as reporting an issue to the Institution. Contacting our office does not place MD Anderson on "notice" of any problem or claim. If you would like to put the Institution on notice of an issue we can discuss various formal options that are available.

By using the Ombuds Office, you agree that our interactions will be governed by these principles.

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