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Resolution Pathways

Many organizations have only formal "on-the-record" approaches to dispute resolution. At MD Anderson, we provide informal as well as formal ways of resolving issues.

Informal Approach

The Ombuds Office is an informal, "off-the-record" resource for addressing issues. Concerns brought to the Ombuds Office are not "on record" and do not constitute "Notice" of an issue or problem to MD Anderson. The Ombuds Office is an alternate pathway of communication that supplements, but does not replace, formal communication channels. 

Formal Approach

To follow a formal approach, please contact Human Resources, the Office of Trainee and Alumni Affairs, the Institutional Compliance Program or speak directly with your supervisor. In taking a formal approach to resolving issues, you are putting the matter "on-the-record," thus seeking a review and judgment of the situation by an Institutional official. Grievances, appeals, discrimination complaints, and reports to the Institutional Compliance Program are examples of  formal actions, i.e., putting a concern "on-the-record."

Which Approach is Best?

Employees and trainees may take either informal or formal paths when seeking resolution. Employees may visit the Ombuds Office to think through their options as to which approach will yield the desired results.

Make An Appointment With An Ombudsperson

By Phone: 
713-792-4896 or 866-610-7841

E-mail: ombuds@mdanderson.org

Ombuds Office
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