About Us


Our Promise to You

We will not disclose your identity or the substance of your confidential communications with us unless:

  • In the course of our discussion you give us permission to make a disclosure, or
  • We determine that these is imminent risk of serious harm to life or Institutional property, or
  • Disclosure is compelled or required by law.

What We Ask of You

The Ombuds Office is made available to all employees, with the express understanding that it provides them with a confidential, neutral, and alternate channel of communication. Because communications with the Ombuds Office are considered confidential and privileged, it is inappropriate for employees at any level to call an Ombuds as a witness in formal or administrative proceedings to reveal confidential communications. Employees who use the office will be considered to have agreed to abide by these features of the office.

Learn more about the Standards of Practice we follow.

Make An Appointment With An Ombudsperson

By Phone: 
713-792-4896 or 866-610-7841

E-mail: ombuds@mdanderson.org

Ombuds Office
Pickens Academic Tower (FCT10.5081)
1400 Pressler Drive
Houston, TX 77030