About Us

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

The MD Anderson Ombuds Office provides a confidential, impartial, independent, and informal process to facilitate resolutions of workplace concerns that arise at the MD Anderson Cancer Center.

The Ombuds Office takes into consideration the interests of all individuals and the interests of the Institution in a given situation.

The Ombuds Office serves all members of the MD Anderson workforce, including trainees and fellows, by responding promptly and fairly to concerns, complaints, or disputes arising from or affecting the work environment, and by providing a safe place to discuss issues without fear of retaliation.

Our Vision

To be a catalyst for civility and collaboration, to enhance MD Anderson’s creativity, effectiveness, and integrity.

Our Values

The values of the Ombuds Office reflect the Institution’s core values of caring, discovery, and integrity.

  • In a spirit of caring, we foster a culture of dialogue and civility.
  • In a spirit of discovery, we search for the creative, generative core in conflict.
  • In a spirit of integrity, we hold ourselves, and those who use our services, accountable for practicing MD Anderson’s core values.

We strive to be worthy of the trust you place in us.

Make An Appointment With An Ombudsperson

By Phone: 
713-792-4896 or 866-610-7841

E-mail: ombuds@mdanderson.org

Ombuds Office
Pickens Academic Tower (FCT10.5081)
1400 Pressler Drive
Houston, TX 77030