Frequently Asked Questions

What types of vendors can participate?

A legitimate licensed business that does not violate our core values, rules of the UT Board of Regents or any federal, state or local laws can apply to participate.

Can I sign up my family business?

Unfortunately, employee owned or controlled businesses or those that have an employee interest (such as your daughter’s cookie sales) are not eligible to participate.  Our regular solicitation policy still applies.

What if I know a business that does qualify? How do I get them involved in the program?

Let them know they can apply via the discounts site or they can send an e-mail to discounts@mdanderson.org.

How do I get the discount?

Just follow the directions supplied by the vendor. Some require that you show your employee ID, others ask for a special vendor code and others provide a coupon.

What if I need to communicate with a vendor via e-mail or want to sign up for special offer notifications electronically?

You should not use your work e-mail account to correspond regularly with a vendor or sign up for offers as it takes up MD Anderson resources.  The discounts site is available via the world wide web so that you can shop during the time you are not working as well as view the discounts with your family at home.  A very small number of vendors may ask for you to send a brief e-mail from your work e-mail account just to verify that you are an employee, which is allowed. All other vendor e-mails should involve your personal e-mail address.

Can my family members use a discount if it says I have to present my employee ID?

Yes, but only if you are present to show your ID badge at the time required. Be sure to follow the instructions that each vendor provides as they will vary.

Is MD Anderson finding me the best discount available?

Not necessarily. We are providing a service that lists discounts from qualified vendors for your convenience in one location. There may be other vendors who offer deeper discounts who simply have not contacted us.

What if I’m not satisfied with the product or service?

You should work out any disputes with the vendor involved. MD Anderson is not liable and does not provide any guarantee regarding workmanship or service. Please read the Employee Discount Policy for more information. Make sure you are an informed consumer when buying a product or entering into a service contract. If you have a serious grievance, you may report it to the discounts@mdanderson.org e-mail address for our information. The only thing we can do is remove the vendor from our list, however.

Contact iDeal

Employees and Vendors may e-mail comments or suggestions to: discounts@mdanderson.org.

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