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Workers' Compensation

To Report a Work-Related Injury

  • Report your injury to your supervisor immediately. Even if the injury is minor, it is in your best interest to report it
  • An employee accident report (pdf) form must be completed by your supervisor and forwarded to Employee Health & Well-being (EH&WB) within 24 hours of the injury. This is needed not only for record keeping, but to ensure that even minor accidents will be investigated
  • If medical care becomes necessary at a later date, the already existing Employee Accident Report will be used to assist in obtaining medical care under Workers' Compensation Insurance

To Seek Medical Attention

  • Employees have a choice of requesting or refusing treatment for work-related injuries. If medical treatment is needed or requested, call EH&WB 713-745-6900 to arrange for medical care
  • EH&WB is staffed with licensed health care providers specializing in occupational medicine, who are available to see work related injuries

During off hours, you can be seen at MD Anderson Cancer Center Emergency Room, Rose Zone, 1st floor. Telephone number: 713-792-3722.

For emergencies, seek assistance from MD Anderson Cancer Center Emergency Room, or an emergency room of your choice. If needed, call 911 for an ambulance and notify The University of Texas Police Department 713-792-2890, to guide the ambulance to the correct location.

If You Are Unable to Work due to a Work-Related Injury

If you miss work due to a work-related injury, you must notify your supervisor and EH&WB immediately. If you have not been treated by EH&WB you need to obtain a note, preferably using the TWCC73 form (pdf), from your treating physician indicating the anticipated return-to-work date with any work-related limitations. Send the note to EH&WB as soon as possible. 

While unable to work, all injured employees are required to communicate with their supervisors, based on their departments' policies. EH&WB will communicate with injured employees on a regular basis as well as obtain medical reports after each medical evaluation.

Modified Duty and Work-Related Injuries

MD Anderson Cancer Center will make every effort to minimize the potential for lost time due to work-related injuries and illnesses.

Modified duty will be made available when requested by the injured employee’s physician. EH&WB will interface with the injured employee’s department to place the injured person in modified duty in his/her own department. If this is not possible, EH&WB will arrange a temporary placement elsewhere within the Institution. The department will continue to pay the employee’s regular salary while on modified duty. EH&WB will monitor the employee's recovery on a regular basis, and provide detailed written information regarding the injured employee’s limitations, to his/her supervisor.

The supervisor is required to complete a Bona Fide Modified Duty Job Offer letter (pdf), which will need to be signed by the employee and the supervisor. This letter needs to be returned to EH&WB immediately upon completion.

Family Medical Leave (FML) and Work-Related Injuries

Supervisors are responsible for providing the injured employee with FML paperwork in the case of a lost time injury, when applicable. FML and absence from work due to a work-related injury run concurrently.

Employees can follow up on existing claims or obtain additional information from:

The University of Texas System Worker's Compensation Office
P.O. Box 20041
Houston, TX  77225-0041
Phone: 713-500-3430
Fax: 713-500-0318


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Resources for Employee Health & Well-being

Employee Accident Report (pdf)

Occupational Health Program for Persons with Animal Contact (pdf)

Authorization for Release of Medical Information (pdf)

FAQ: Work-Injury IMO Network (pdf)

FAQ: Work-Injury IMO Network (Bastrop and Smithville) (pdf)

Report needlesticks to 713-604-OUCH (6824)

Contact a wellness coach at
713-745-WELL (9355) or