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Occupational Health

Employee Health and Well-being (EH&WB) provides comprehensive occupational health services to MD Anderson Cancer Center employees in Houston, Bastrop and Smithville. Services include pre-placement evaluations and drug testing for new employees, immunizations, medical assessments treatment of work-related illnesses and injuries and medical surveillance programs. Employee Health and Well-being collaborates closely with Environmental Health and Safety and other departments to insure a safe work environment for all employees, monitors employee infection control issues and provides input on ADA accommodations and eligibility for reduced paid leave.

Pre-placement Evaluations, Drug Testing and Medical Clearance for Students and Trainees

Pre-placement evaluations and medical clearances are provided for employees, students and trainees entering the institution. This involves collecting information such as medical and immunization history as well as previous tuberculosis (TB) screening information. Immunizations are administered based on the new employee’s occupational risk factors and CDC immunization guidelines. Screening for TB is conducted to reduce the risk of disease transmission to patients and to other employees.


Immunizations are administered based on occupational exposure risk factors and CDC immunization guidelines. Flu vaccine and tetanus-diphtheria vaccine are given to employees upon request, if there are no medical contraindications. Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, rabies and varicella vaccines are administered if medical history and/or occupational risk factors indicate a need for the vaccine.

Bloodborne Pathogen Exposures

A painless way to handle blood and body fluid exposures!

  • Immediately wash needlesticks and cuts with soap and water
  • Flush splashes to nose, mouth or skin with water
  • Irrigate eyes with clean water, saline or sterile irrigants for 15 minutes
  • Page (713) 604-OUCH (6824) for an occupational health nurse 24 hours a day seven days a week
  • Report any blood or body fluid exposure, which includes needlesticks, cuts and splashes
  • Notify supervisor of exposure
  • Complete employee accident report — include name and medical record number of source patient

Influenza Vaccine

Influenza vaccine is offered free of charge each fall to employees. The scope of the program depends on vaccine availability. This is an important infection control measure to reduce the transmission of the influenza virus to our immunocompromised patients and our employee population. Vaccine is available in multiple locations at multiple times, to accommodate employees’ diverse work schedules.

Tuberculosis Screening

Screening for tuberculosis (TB) is offered free of charge to employees at the time of hire and annually or biannually depending on the risk of occupational exposure. Screening is available at the main EH&WB office or at multiple off-site locations.

Infection Control Issues

Screenings and consultations are provided for communicable illnesses such as TB, respiratory illnesses including influenza, scabies, chickenpox or other infectious diseases. 

Consultation on HR Administrative and Medical Issues

Physicians in EH&WB are available for consultation in collaboration with HR Generalists on complex employee situations including FMLA, ADA or eligibility for reduced paid leave (RPL). 

Occupational Medical Surveillance Programs

Medical surveillance to monitor possible occupational exposure is indicated for certain job titles. EH&WB conducts physical exams and orders appropriate laboratory testing or other diagnostic testing based on occupational risk factors and federal or state regulations. Example of these surveillance programs include DOT driver exams and the Hearing Conservation Program that is required for employees who are exposed to OSHA-designated sustained noise levels.

Occupational Health Education and Research

In addition to providing outstanding patient care to our employee population, the EH&WB occupational health staff also provides education on prevention of workplace injuries, conducts occupational health research and provides services to reduce morbidity and mortality in the employee population.

Services Available in Bastrop and Smithville

A full complement of occupational health services is provided to employees who work at the Bastrop and Smithville campuses. A full-time occupational health nurse is available to perform pre-placement evaluations, drug testing and TB screening. Special medical surveillance is required on many employees assigned on these campuses, due to their risk of contracting zoonotic illnesses. Work-related injuries also are handled by the on-site occupational health nurse.

Collaboration with Environmental Health and Safety

The EH&WB staff collaborate closely with Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) to provide a safe and hazard-free work environment. When injuries involving hazardous work areas are reported to EH&WB, EHS is notified, and safety investigations are conducted. EH&WB also collaborates with EHS to investigate fume, odor and other indoor air quality complaints, as well as to provide medical clearance for N95 respirator use.

Mobile Van

BP checks, cholesterol screening, TB screening and immunizations are provided at various locations around the institution on a mobile van. Schedules for the mobile van are announced through institutional e-mail and bulletins.

Other Programs & Services

Resources for Employee Health & Well-being

Employee Accident Report (pdf)

Occupational Health Program for Persons with Animal Contact (pdf)

Authorization for Release of Medical Information (pdf)

FAQ: Work-Injury IMO Network (pdf)

FAQ: Work-Injury IMO Network (Bastrop and Smithville) (pdf)

Report needlesticks to 713-604-OUCH (6824)

Contact a wellness coach at
713-745-WELL (9355) or