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Waiving Medical Insurance

Want to keep your current medical coverage from another provider?

Benefit eligible employees wanting to keep their current medical insurance from a different provider, may waive UT Select medical coverage. 

By providing proof of coverage (see below,) you can use these premiums paid by MD Anderson for other coverage at no charge.  Employees waiving their coverage may be required to provide evidence of insurability or proof of current coverage to enroll at a later date.

Employees can waive their coverage at the following times:

  • 31 days from their hire date 
  • Change in status 
  • Annual enrollment   

Employees waiving coverage may be able to use the premiums on a pre-tax basis for the following coverage, at no cost to the employee:

  • Dental – Employee and dependent coverage
  • Vision - Employee and dependent coverage
  • Voluntary Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) – Employee and dependent coverage

Proof of Coverage

Providing proof of current medical coverage can be used when waiving medical insurance during the enrollment opportunities listed above. The proof of coverage must be provided on the letterhead of the issuing insurance company or employer that includes the following information:

  • Date of letter
  • Covered person’s name
  • Covered person’s date of birth
  • Type of plan (Ex: Medical-ABC Plan of Texas)
  • Coverage effective dates (Ex: 6/1/09-present

A copy of the insurance card or print out of your benefits enrollment cannot be accepted as proof of coverage.


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