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Enrollment Opportunities

Based on federal law, employees may enroll or make changes to their benefits only at the times specified below.

Within 31 Days of Initial Eligibility

This is the time an employee or dependent first becomes eligible for benefits.

For most employees and their dependents, this occurs within 31 days of hire into a benefits eligible position. Employees moving from a non-benefits eligible status to a benefits eligible status also have 31 days from their new benefits eligible status to enroll in benefits. 

Carefully considering your enrollment choices during this period as the requirement for Evidence of Insurability is waived for several plans during this time. This initial period of eligibility also applies to some family status changes.

Family Status Change

Certain events in your family or changes in your dependent’s employment or coverage may enable you to make changes to your benefits outside of annual enrollment. These events, known as Family Status Changes or qualifying events, allow changes to benefits that are consistent the event. (Ex: add medical coverage for your newborn child.) 

Benefit changes and supporting documentation must be received by myHR within 31 days of the event. Learn more about these qualifying events and documentation requirements.  

At Annual Enrollment

Benefits eligible employees may make any changes to their benefits once a year, without a change of status during annual enrollment, which occurs each July.

Proof of Coverage

Providing proof of current medical coverage can be used when waiving medical insurance during the enrollment opportunities listed above. The proof of coverage must be provided on the letterhead of the issuing insurance company or employer that includes the following information:

  • Date of letter
  • Covered person’s name
  • Covered person’s date of birth
  • Type of plan (Ex: Medical-ABC Plan of Texas)
  • Coverage effective dates (Ex: 6/1/09-present

A copy of the insurance card or print out of your benefits enrollment cannot be accepted as proof of coverage.

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