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All benefits-eligible employees, retirees and eligible dependents may participate in one of three dental plans, all provided by Delta Dental. 

Two Dental PPO Plans  - Provides the most flexibility in dental providers

One Dental HMO Plan - Provides lower premiums using a network of providers and predictable costs. Requires a primary care provider.

What is the difference between the: 

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Best Features

  • Three plans provide options based on preference, budget & anticipated procedures 
  • Can use flexible spending account for most dental procedures

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Enrollment Opportunities

Based on federal law, employees may make changes to their benefits only at the times specified below.

At Hire

Within 31 days of hire, benefits eligible employees may add or change benefits.

At Annual Enrollment

Benefits eligible employees may make any changes to their benefits once a year, without a change of status during annual enrollment, which occurs each July.

Moving to a benefits eligible position

Employees moving from a non-benefits eligible position to a benefits eligible position have 31 days from this change in status to complete their benefits enrollment.

Family Status Change

Certain events in your family or changes in your dependent’s employment or coverage may enable you to make changes to your benefits outside of annual enrollment. These events, known as Family Status Changes or qualifying events, allow changes to benefits that are consistent the event. (Ex: add medical coverage to your newborn child.) 

Benefit changes and supporting documentation must be received by myHR within 31 days of the event. Learn more about these qualifying events and required dependent documentation

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Full and Part-Time Employees

Both full and part-time employees pay the same amount for dental coverage. As a result, you and your dependents are eligible for dental coverage if:

  • You work at least 20 hours per week, and
  • Your appointment is expected to continue for at least 4 ½  months, and
  • You are not currently covered by another state-sponsored medical insurance plan.

Dependents & Required Documentation

See Required Dependent Documentation for adding dependents to coverage.

Evidence of Insurability

Evidence of Insurability (EOI) is not required for adding yourself or a dependent to dental coverage.

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Contact Information

Delta Dental

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Familiar Faces

Charlene D Kesee
Office Manager

I really like our dental insurance. With two kids who are active in sports, we use the dental insurance often. Our plan provides the flexibility we need - to see both dentists and specialists without a referral. The plan is easy to use and I recommend it to anyone.