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Health Assessment

If you’re a UT Select Medical participant, you have the chance to obtain a new, confidential assessment of your health risks. Employee spouses and dependents over 18 receiving benefits through an employee's plan can also participate.

You’ll receive a $25 retail gift card if you complete the online assessment, along with a preventive exam, by the end of this plan year, Aug. 31. 

UT System’s Employee Benefits Office partnered with Provant Health Solutions LLC to launch this comprehensive assessment as part of its Living Well Health Platform


Stop hitting snooze

Why take the time to participate?

As with our morning alarm clocks, many of us hit the snooze button on our health. While we put off taking action, stress, poor diet, lack of physical activity and other factors can mount into potential long-term health issues.

Instead of waiting for your body to alert you to a problem, the health assessment can help you understand how your current lifestyle and daily habits affect your health.

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Health Assessment Welcome Kit

Email Provant with questions or call them at 888-703-2296.