MD Anderson Alert

MD Anderson Alert is the institution’s emergency notification system from Everbridge, which warns and instructs employees on imminent threats to their safety. Emergency text and voice alerts are distributed via institutional email, pager, phone and mobile devices.

Personal Devices

Employees may elect to receive notifications through their personal mobile device or email account by adding private contact information to their institutional myHR profile. Routine cell and text charges may apply on your personal devices.

Opt Out

To opt out of this feature, remove contact information for your personally paid-for devices only* by:

  • Logging on to myHR
  • Navigating to the “myHR for Employees” from the Main Menu
  • Selecting “Personal Information”
  • Removing your personal phone number(s) and/or email address(es)

* Contact information for institutionally provided devices must be maintained in (i.e., never removed from) the institutional myHR system.