Hurricanes: Stay Informed

Before the storm

  • Download a hurricane tracker or watch the local news for regular tracking updates
  • Collect important phone numbers (e.g., supervisor, local emergency response teams)
  • Establish a family phone tree with a family member or friend in an unaffected area
  • Give your family members waterproof lists of their medication needs to carry with them
  • Consult your red institutional emergency badge card for important phone numbers and procedures
  • Read Announcement e-mails distributed from WEATHER ALERT or SECURITY ALERT to all employees
  • Watch MDA-TV Channel 20
  • Visit the Employee Alert internal blog on the intranet (available while on campus or through a VPN connection)
  • Charge your phone before the storm makes landfall
  • Call the RING line, 2-RING (713-792-7464)
  • Check for institutional pages; pages will be sent to all Emergency Plan Officers to alert them to activate call-down trees

After the storm

  • Preserve your phone’s charge by having brief, to-the-point conversations
  • Use your family phone tree to communicate with family and friends
  • Call the RING line, 2-RING (713-792-7464), for institutional status updates
  • Call your manager or supervisor to get area-specific updates and instructions
  • Visit this site if you have access to the Internet, and visit the Employee Alert internal blog if you have access to the intranet
  • Check local news resources