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Hurricanes: Have a Plan

Hurricane season is from June 1 to November 30. Be aware that MD Anderson will not house employees who are not serving on the Hurricane Ride-Out Team or any employee’s family members or pets during a storm.

Consider the following questions when making your personal preparedness plan.

Riding Out a Storm at Home

  • Will the supplies in your hurricane kit last 3-5 days without restocking?
  • Where will you go if forced to evacuate quickly?


  • Are you familiar with area Evacuation Zones (pdf) and Hurricane Evacuation Contraflow Routes?
  • Do you keep your gas tank full during hurricane season?
  • Do you have extra cash or traveler’s checks on hand?
  • Do you have a neighbor or acquaintance who may need assistance evacuating?


  • Are your family and friends taken care of if you have to ride out the storm at work?
  • Do you have a personal call-down tree to communicate with family and friends if you get separated during a storm? Have you double checked and updated your list of contacts recently?
  • Do you know how your child’s school will respond to an emergency? Have you made backup plans for children in case you cannot get home in an emergency?
  • Have you established gathering points and shared contact information with your family?
  • Have you told family and friends to “turn around, don’t drown” if they come upon floodwaters?


  • Are your pets taken care of if you have to ride out the storm at work?
  • Do you know which motels and hotels in your area allow pets? (Most shelters cannot allow pets.)
  • Are your pet’s identification tags current and securely fastened to a collar?
  • Are your pet’s vaccinations up-to-date? Do you have record of recent vaccinations?


  • How will you prepare your home? Do you have adequate supplies and tools?
  • Do you know how to turn off your home’s water, electricity and natural gas if necessary?
  • Have you thinned trees of diseased and damaged limbs to reduce flying debris?
  • Are you familiar with portable generator safety?