Hurricane Ride-Out & Recovery Teams

MD Anderson’s Hurricane Ride-Out Team and Recovery Team respond to emergencies during and immediately after a hurricane. Employees may volunteer or they may be assigned to serve on either team. Employees should speak with their supervisors about their specific responsibilities during and after a storm.

Have a Plan

An employee with a plan is better able to provide the highest possible level of care to our patients, because they are not distracted by concerns for their dependents, homes or pets.

MD Anderson buildings, facilities and garages are not designated shelter areas and are not equipped to house family members or pets during an emergency.

A Hurricane Ride-Out team member’s plan should include:

  • Completion of Hurricane Ride-Out & Recovery Team training (team members may register through the Education Center)
  • Accommodations for family members, dependents, and pets, as they will not be allowed to shelter at MD Anderson and team members may need to stay on campus for an extended period
  • Accommodations for any extra vehicles, as only one may be parked on campus

A Recovery team member’s plan should include:

  • Completion of Hurricane Ride-Out & Recovery Team training (team members may register through the Education Center)
  • Backup means of communication (e.g., extra pager and mobile phone batteries, hand-crank or vehicle mobile phone charger)
  • Backup transportation in case public transportation is unavailable
  • A full tank of gasoline
  • Check the RING line, 2-RING (713-792-7464), often to know when the Recovery Team is summoned back to campus

Make a Kit

Hurricane Ride-Out Team members should make a portable kit to make their stay on campus more comfortable. Refer to the Hurricane Preparedness Booklet (pdf) and to the Hurricane Ride-Out Team training materials for recommended personal items.

The institution will provide the following to Hurricane Ride-Out Team members

  • Cot, which is the property of MD Anderson
  • Three meals a day with appropriate identification (ID badge, wristband and meal card)
  • Access to showers as long as water from the City of Houston is safe and pressure is adequate

Recovery Team members should make portable kits to bring with them when they return to relieve the Ride-Out Team. Bring water, food, and an extra pair of socks and shoes and wear comfortable clothing.

Hurricane Ride-Out Team and Recovery Team members must have MD Anderson badges, with Essential Personnel stickers affixed or printed on the back, to gain access to the institution when reporting for duty.

Stay Informed

It is especially important that Recovery Team members make a plan to stay in touch with their supervisor. Recovery Team members are encouraged to purchase backup batteries or vehicle chargers for their mobile phones. It is essential that these individuals make every effort to return to relieve the Ride-Out Team as soon as it is safe for them to do so.

If a Recovery Team member cannot return to campus, he or she must call their supervisor so a replacement can be found. If the supervisor is unavailable, call the appropriate sub-command center (pdf).


Designated Hurricane Ride-Out Team members are compensated for this responsibility only when Ride-Out Teams are activated and spend time on campus. Members are required to clock in and out using designated Kronos clock locations. The type and amount of compensation will be determined during or after the emergency by Human Resources.