Hurricane season is from June 1 to November 30. Be aware that MD Anderson buildings, facilities and garages are not designated shelter areas and are not available to house family members or pets during an emergency.

An expected or approaching hurricane will activate the following additional severity-level actions. See universal severity level actions for all emergencies.

Severity Level 1 – Hurricane enters Gulf of Mexico

Severity Level 2
– Hurricane 48 hours out. Hurricane Ride-Out Team may be released to secure personal property.

Severity Level 3
– Hurricane 36 hours out. Hurricane Ride-Out Team may be released to secure personal property, if not released at Level 2. Essential personnel are released when the Hurricane Ride-Out Team has taken over operations.

Severity Level 4
– Hurricane 24 hours out or makes landfall in Houston/Galveston area. Essential personnel are released—only in the event of a hurricane—once Hurricane Ride-Out Team members have taken over operations of the institution.

Recovery – The Incident Officer declares when it is safe for the institution to begin recovery mode. Recovery Team members should report to their managers or sub-command centers to start or assist with Recovery operations.

Institutional escalation to Severity Levels 2 and 3 could change if the City of Houston mandates early evacuation. The institution could move to a Level 2 and Level 3 earlier than 36-48 hours out if mandatory evacuations seem probable. In that event, decisions by the Triage Officer for level escalation will be dictated by decisions from the mayor.