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Subcontracting Program

The 76th Legislation strengthened the HUB subcontracting requirements imposed upon state agencies, which flow down to our vendors. MD Anderson's purchasing professionals determine the probability for HUB subcontracting opportunities and identify their contracts that will include a HUB Plan for all orders deemed to be valued at approximately $100,000 or more.

Once a solicitation has been reviewed and determined to have subcontracting potential, vendors, both HUB and non-HUBs, must submit a valid HUB Plan with their bid, proposal, offer or an expression of interest to be considered responsive. If the HUB Plan is not completed, the bid is considered non-responsive. At that time, the process ends for that vendor.

Details regarding the submission are listed within the first few pages of the HUB Plan. After the award of the contract, MD Anderson's purchaser for the contract and the HUB Coordinator ensure compliance, Section 111.14 (j) and 111.16 (c, h, i) of the HUB Rules.