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MD Anderson's Institutional Code of Conduct

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center (MD Anderson) is committed to full compliance with all applicable laws, rules and guidelines. To such end, our workforce members are required to conduct themselves in accordance with the following:

Principle One
Maintain a working knowledge of, and adhere to, both the letter and spirit of all applicable local, state and federal laws, rules and guidelines, as well as The University of Texas System and MD Anderson rules, policies, procedures and compliance plans.

Principle Two
Conduct all activities in accordance with the ethical standards of all applicable professional organizations and all dealings, including financial and accounting matters, in accordance with high standards of business and ethical conduct.

Principle Three
Maintain MD Anderson’s confidential, business, proprietary and protected information in a manner that meets all applicable laws, rules, guidelines and document retention schedules.

Principle Four
Conduct all research in a manner consistent with applicable legal, ethical and professional requirements, as well as MD Anderson policies and procedures.

Principle Five
Refrain from: (a) soliciting or accepting gifts, favors, benefits, services or items of value in return for preferential treatment or patient referrals; or (b) offering or paying to anyone gifts, favors, benefits, services or items of value in return for patient referrals.

Principle Six
Provide, document and bill for services in a manner that reflects the utmost ethical and legal conduct.

Principle Seven
Refrain from using MD Anderson resources, including time, funds, equipment or other resources in a wasteful manner, for personal benefit or gain, to harm another person, for political activity or for illegal activity.

Principle Eight
Refrain from soliciting or accepting anything that might influence, is being offered with the intent to influence, or might reasonably appear to influence your official duties. Refrain from engaging in activities or entering into contracts that could or could reasonably appear to: (a) interfere with your responsibilities to MD Anderson; (b) require or induce you to disclose confidential information obtained from or through MD Anderson; or (c) impair your independent judgment.

Principle Nine
Act with honesty and good faith in all matters and refrain from engaging in discriminatory, harassing, retaliatory, inappropriate or intimidating and/or disruptive behaviors.

Principle Ten
Notify the Chief Compliance Officer promptly of any suspected or discovered breach of this Institutional Code of Conduct and cooperate fully with all inquiries and investigations related to a breach.

Compliance Resources

MD Anderson's Standards of Conduct: Do The Right Thing (pdf)

MD Anderson's Hospital Compliance Plan (pdf)

MD Anderson's Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Policy (UTMDACC Institutional Policy # ADM0157) (pdf)

MD Anderson's Non-Retaliation Policy (UTMDACC Institutional Policy # ADM0254) (pdf)

MD Anderson's Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment Policy (UTMDACC Institutional Policy # ADM0255) (pdf)

MD Anderson's Conflict of Interest Policy for Faculty Members, Trainees, Faculty Supervisors, Institutional Decision Makers, and Investigators of the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center # ACA0001 (pdf)

MD Anderson's Ethics Policy (UTMDACC Institutional Policy # ADM0337) (pdf)

If you have questions regarding MD Anderson's Institutional Compliance Program, call 713-745-6636 or e-mail Institutional Compliance.