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UTPD is committed to providing the highest quality of police service to the university community. In order to be responsive to community needs, it is necessary to have citizen input.

Complaints or suggestions received by the Chief of Police will be screened to determine if it is a recommendation for improvement of the department at large (process improvement) or a complaint against an employee (violation of rules and regulations).

Verbal or anonymous complaints are also investigated but are more difficult to process.

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Summary of Complaints on Police Personnel for 2013

Listed below is a summary of the complaints investigated by the UT Police Internal Affairs component during 2013.


Commissioned Personnel

Complaint Type


     Not Sustained



Status (withdrawn, resigned or pending)

Attendance    1- pending
Dereliction of Duty3    
Conduct and Behavior41   

Violation of Gag Order





1- pending

Misuse of Computer Equipment1    
Use of Departmental Issued Equipment Off Duty1    
Traffic Violation1    
Department Issued Weapon Stolen-left in personal vehicle1    
Untruthfulness1   2- pending
Non-Commissioned Personnel
Sleeping on Duty6    
Attendance10   1- pending
Reporting for Duty1    
Insubordination1   1- pending
Conduct and Behavior5   1- pending
Cell Phone Usage2    
Arrest    1- pending
Suspended Driver's License1    
CAD Violations51   
Refusal to Work OT13   
Failure to give Complete Info on DL Check1    
Released Privileged Info1    
Lost and Found1    

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