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Steve Stuyck: A champion of volunteers

Volunteer Voice - Winter 2013

Steve Stuyck

Note: Steve Stuyck, vice president for public affairs at 
MD Anderson, retired on Jan. 2.

Steve Stuyck wasn’t born at MD Anderson, but he got here as soon as he could.

Originally from White Plains, N.Y., Steve spent his formative years in Houston before venturing to Austin to study for a degree in journalism from The University of Texas. With that under his belt, his next step was to work toward a graduate degree. However, the Army had other things in mind for him, adding two extra years before he got back to Austin.

In 1972, Steve returned to Houston and began dual employment with M. D. Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute and the new UT Medical School, Houston. During his 40 years at MD Anderson, Steve has worn seven titles including his final one: vice president for public affairs.

During an impromptu visit, several members of the 
Volunteer Services management team gathered 
to say goodbye to Steve Stuyck: (from left) Maggi 
Suttles, Susan French, Wayne McHatton, Paula 
Stewart and Steve.

On July 1, 1992, Steve assumed management for The Department of Volunteer Services and he feels it’s been a mutual admiration society ever since. With his open door policy and obvious support of the Volunteer Services staff and the volunteers themselves, it’s no wonder that everyone is wondering who can possibly fill Steve Stuyck’s very large shoes. We’re all gonna miss him!

We’ll miss you, big time, Steve!

"Steve, your passionate advocacy on behalf of MD Anderson patients and caregivers has shown you to be an exemplary steward for this institution. Since you took on the administrative responsibility for Volunteer Services in 1992, you have helped raise the visibility and reputation of all Volunteer Services’ programs both inside the institution and in the community. We all appreciate your trust and support of our new ideas, your guidance when we make mistakes and your leadership that has led the way to consummate volunteer service and programming supporting patients, caregivers, faculty and staff. You have always been our advocate and this means more than you can imagine. Thank you doesn’t seem to be enough, but these are the words I offer you today."
Susan French, executive director
Department of Volunteer Services

Steve with former volunteer Thommye

"As a volunteer, I have had the honor and privilege of working with Steve Stuyck for many years on many different projects. Seeing him retire is like losing a dear friend. Steve has never failed to be a strong and constant support to all volunteers. He served as our voice in so many instances! Personally, I would like to thank Steve for his loyalty to the Department of Volunteer Services and for his tireless dedication to MD Anderson. His friendship will never be forgotten and always appreciated. Thank you, Steve!"
Susan Fister, volunteer

"I first met Steve when he very kindly came to visit Bill and me when I was in the hospital. We enjoyed visiting with him then and have liked and respected him so much ever since. He is a special person who has done an excellent job in his position. We think he has contributed greatly to MD Anderson. We will miss him greatly!"
Cinda Matthews, volunteer

Steve, Mary Nell Lovett and John 
Mendelsohn, M.D.

"Steve, as vice president for public affairs, you were a constant cheerleader for volunteers. Your support and presence at Round Table meetings was a gift to us. Thank you. We love you and will miss you. I wish you happiness in your retirement."
Donna Weisser, volunteer 

"Steve has helped me too many times to list. His knowledge of MD Anderson history, the current ins and outs of how this huge place runs so smoothly and how it becomes the No. 1 cancer center in the world will be big shoes for someone to fill. His smile and upbeat personality are one of a kind. I will miss him."
Marshall Loosier, volunteer

"In all the time I have known Steve, he has been a real friend of volunteers. He always had time to listen and respond to questions or concerns. He will be sorely missed."
Jan Purzer Wallace, volunteer

"I always said, if you want to know anything about MD Anderson, ask Steve."
Bill Schultz, volunteer

Steve and volunteer Kay Rogers

"It’s been a pleasure working in Public Affairs over the past 13 years! Steve has been the ideal “big boss.” His support of all of our Volunteer Services programs means a lot — there’s rarely been an event that he has been unable to attend. His support of the VEPS event means so much – if he’s in town, he’s promised to come again this year! It was a treat having his son Danny in our teen program. Now when I ask him how Danny is doing, boy do I feel old!"
Maggi Suttles, Volunteer Services staff

"It is very difficult to imagine Public Affairs without a Steve Stuyck — after all, he nurtured it, guided it and developed it into the dynamic division that it is today. It has been his leadership and his firm but guiding hand that has created such an outstanding team of professionals. It has been a pleasure working under his leadership and alongside him in our many adventures and projects. Steve has always offered his support and a sincere interest in the gift shop operation and our many volunteer programs. He has set the bar high and he leaves an incredible legacy for others to emulate."
Wayne McHatton, Volunteer Services staff

Steve with Health Adventures

"I got to know Steve very early in my volunteering. He is one of the nicest people I know. He always welcomes volunteers into the MD Anderson community and makes sure we’re informed about everything at MD Anderson, just like the employees."
Joan Cox, volunteer

"This is how I feel about having worked for Steve for so many years — it’s simple to me. I am just always so proud to answer when people ask me who my vice president is, what division am I in. I am just so proud to say I work for him, so proud! He is the best steward this place ever had, ever will have … the very best."
Paula Stewart, Volunteer Services staff

"Steve always made time for volunteers and kept us up to date on MD Anderson news. He made us feel like a vital part of the MD Anderson family!"
Rosemary Herron, volunteer

"Steve’s leadership and support have been central to the success of the Anderson Network and the Anderson Network Steering Committee. We will miss his friendship and wise counsel."
Frank McCreary, volunteer

"Steve, it has been a real pleasure working with you over the past 16 years of volunteering and working with VEPS. Your personal support and advice has truly been exemplary. I will miss your presence at MD Anderson."
Rick Reitz, volunteer

Anderson Network volunteer Jim Brown 
and Steve

"I met Steve when I became part of the Anderson Network Steering Committee. He was the first MD Anderson executive with whom I had any contact, and he was the best possible example of calm, effective leadership. His participation and reports at every steering committee meeting made clear the degree to which the institution values and respects volunteers. I was inspired by his enthusiastic devotion to 
MD Anderson and will always be grateful to have walked for a while on the same path."
Sara McIntosh, volunteer

"I have had the unique opportunity to interact with Steve as a volunteer and as an employee during my 27 years at MD Anderson. During the first 10 years as a volunteer, I tried many different positions as well as being involved in VEPs and volunteer special events. Steve was always there to support our efforts and, more remarkable, he remembered very specific details about previous conversations and interactions that made you feel your efforts and comments were important. When the time came, Steve supported my employment as the gift shop manager and he has continued to be supportive of the Volunteer Gift Shops/Appearances operations and staff. It has always been a pleasure as a volunteer and an employee to be on Steve’s team."
Sandy Gomel, Volunteer Services staff

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