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The Voice features profiles of volunteers and the programs they are involved in, along with other news of interest to volunteers and those who donate their time to MD Anderson.

Cover Story:

Gifts With Meaning

The Volunteer Services/Children's Art Project Task Force enjoys another fun, profitable season.

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The Inside Scoop

At the March 21 VEPS Luncheon, President Ronald DePinho, M.D., will share plans for conquering cancer.

Spreading Holiday Cheer

Volunteers were front and center during the recent holiday season, delivering good tidings and cheer - along with food, gifts and music - to patients and families throughout MD Anderson.

Volunteer Services Annual Report 2011

During FY11, our team of 1,135 trained volunteers contributed 200,064 hours of services, equivalent to 96 FTEs. Find out how the Independent Sector values this effort in dollars.

Festival of Fun

The annual Fall Festival, sponsored by the Department of Volunteer Services, gets pediatric patients and supporters into the spirit of Halloween.

Cancer180 Branches Out to 
Rio Grande Valley

With the creation of a new social gathering site in the Rio Grande Valley, the Anderson Network extended its Cancer180 outreach to the young adult community there in 2011.

Collaborations Pay Off for 
Volunteer Programs

Do you belong to a service group or professional business organization looking for a philanthropic opportunity? Volunteer Services counts on the kindness and support of others to help provide its many services and amenities to patients.

Volunteer Continuing Education Events

Numerous opportunities are available for volunteer continuing education.