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VEPS Returns the Love to MD Anderson

Volunteer Voice - Spring 2011

George Vietor is something of a legend in Volunteer Services.

In 1991, this longtime volunteer and supporter of MD Anderson had an idea to fund an endowment that would be managed by a group of volunteers and MD Anderson staff members. Under the guidance of Volunteer Services, it would grow to benefit patients and their caregivers.

A volunteer committee was soon formed and the group began taking donations for Vietor’s brainchild, which eventually became The Volunteer Endowment for Patient Support (VEPS).

With an original goal of building the endowment to $1 million in 10 years, the goal was achieved in just nine years. Currently, the endowment stands at more than $2.5 million, and has disbursed $1.7 million since 1992. Each quarter, the interest generated from the endowment is returned to fund patient-oriented programs and services at MD Anderson.

This vision to raise funds to improve the quality of life for patients and their families is now managed by the VEPS Disbursement Committee. It equitably distributes funds originating from the accrued interest of the Volunteer Endowment for Patient Support to meet the social, emotional, comfort, informational and recreational needs of patients at MD Anderson Cancer Center.

In 1992, the first year that funds were distributed, eight programs received a total of $19,611. As the interest from the endowment grew, so did the disbursements. In 2000, 16 programs were awarded $68,265, and by comparison in 2010, 28 programs, such as those listed below, received $147,823.

  • Educational videos, materials and resources
  • National Young Adult Cancer Awareness Week
  • Survivorship Week 2010
  • Caregiver Support Program
  • Support groups
  • Holiday dinner for patients and caregivers
  • Child Life Program
  • Adult Memorial Service
  • Recreational events for patients and their families
  • Stem Cell Caregiver Program

Supporting VEPS helps the Department of Volunteer Services at MD Anderson continue to fund and provide important programs that benefit patients, their families and their caregivers. Donations to VEPS make a vital, positive difference in countless lives.

Click to see how George Vietor's brainchild - VEPS - has grown since 1991!

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