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Freedman Recognized for His Volunteer Commitment

Volunteer Voice - Spring 2010

Marc Freedman, MD Anderson Cancer Center’s 2010 representative to the Texas Medical Center Salute to Volunteers, proudly wears many different volunteer hats. Freedman, who takes his volunteering seriously, is a regular face in the Volunteer Services’ offices ― you can find him there every day except Wednesday.

A true example of cross-training, Freedman works primarily in two volunteer placements. As a clinic aide in the Ambulatory Treatment Center, his friendly bedside visits ease anxiety when he listens to patients’ cares and concerns. Freedman also serves as a patient advocate, and is an invaluable resource to both patients and staff. He works to identify patient problems or complaints and facilitate their quick resolution.

When needed, Freedman can also be found in the Gift Shop Canteen working behind the computerized register or restocking the magazines, beverages, assorted snacks and sundries that are sold there. On occasion, he also volunteers in the Patient/Family Center, where he greets patients and their adult family members who need to rest or relax while waiting for their next treatment. Freedman offers pillows, blankets and familiarizes first-time visitors with the amenities available in the center. When it’s time for patients to leave for appointments, he can be counted on to send them on their way with a smile.

“I’ve known about MD Anderson for my entire life,” Freedman says, “and I’ve also had four people that I was close to pass away from cancer. This seemed to be an obvious place to spend my time.”

Freedman began volunteering in December 2007 after he retired from his family-owned business, Freedman Distributors, a meat distribution company. This, however, was not his first contact with MD Anderson. In 2001, he and his wife set up the Twilight and Marc Freedman Foundation and MD Anderson was one of the charities they contributed to. They were taken on a tour of the institution and both promised to come back and help in another way when they retired.

A devoted family man, Freedman is the proud father of five children and grandfather of seven. When Freedman and his wife are not volunteering ― she works two days each week in the Canteen ― the family often travels together.

“Volunteering is so rewarding and I always get back more than I give,” Freedman says. “The volunteers are the neatest people you would ever want to meet. Our coordinators do a great job of making us feel appreciated.”

Marc Freedman is always willing to go the extra mile to serve the patients, caregivers and staff, and truly epitomizes MD Anderson’s core values of caring, integrity and discovery.

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