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Front Door Service

Volunteer Voice - Fall 2007

Teal vests, smiling faces draw patients to concierge service

Brandon Morton and Jessica Rodriguez are all smiles – not just because they love their jobs, but because this is their job. They’re the faces of M. D. Anderson’s new front door concierge service.

Easily recognized in their teal vests, Jessica Rodriguez and Brandon Morton enjoy the customer service aspect of their jobs.

“Our most important function is to enhance the experience of patients and visitors so that their first interaction here is a positive one,” says Morton. “We answer questions, offer directions or assist people in getting to the right place to get the information they need.”

Dressed in bright teal vests, Morton and Rodriguez greet patients, visitors and employees who enter and exit the Main Building’s Clark Clinic. As part of Parking and Transportation Services, they’re responsible for ensuring that the front door area remains clean and clear and that the traffic flow is swift.

Morton and Rodriguez are on the job weekdays between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. Serving as a complement to volunteers at the concierge desk, they roam inside and outside the lobby as a liaison between patients and visitors and UT Police officers, valet parkers and patient transportation employees. They also will assist patients with taxicabs or with navigating the various shuttle services.

Morton says he and Rodriguez understand the importance of customer service, which is what this job is all about. His experience with a downtown valet parking company will come in handy as will the skills Rodriguez picked up as a Conference Services coordinator.

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