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Take an eTour And Explore M. D. Anderson Online

Volunteer Voice - Summer 2007

For those who want a glimpse into what makes M. D. Anderson a top comprehensive cancer center but can not take an onsite tour, there’s the eTour.

An interactive online video tour, eTour provides visitors a visual snapshot of M. D. Anderson’s campus, services and people.

Allow our online tour guide, Lee Chamblee, to walk you through an overview of M. D. Anderson’s:

  • buildings and patient areas
  • unique services and amenities
  • personalized approach to patient
  • standard and innovative treatment options,
    including clinical trials
  • survivorship programs
  • Children’s Cancer Hospital and pediatric

The eTour is a convenient, accessible alternative to visiting M. D. Anderson’s campus that can be done online – at your leisure.

Know someone interested in learning more about M. D. Anderson? Refer them to eTour.

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