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askMDAnderson: Expanding Service Gets New Name

Volunteer Voice - Summer 2007

The first voice many people hear at MD Anderson belongs to one of the institution’s knowledgeable askMDAnderson health information specialists. Ten years ago, these specially trained individuals were called into action to staff the MD Anderson Information Line, which was created to serve the growing number of persons seeking information about how to become an MD Anderson patient.

In 2007, the program has taken on a new name – askMDAnderson – to reflect its expanded scope of services, including increases in online inquiries. The new name makes it very clear – askMDAnderson helps people with their questions.

New Number, New Web site

Along with its new name, askMDAnderson has new, easy-to-remember access routes: 1-877-632-6789 and new askMDAnderson website.

While originally focusing on helping prospective patients understand the appointment process, askMDAnderson now helps the public:

  • learn how to make an appointment
  • understand treatment options
  • learn about research studies
  • navigate our web site
  • learn about and use patient amenities (such as
    travel and support resources)
  • access prevention and screening services
  • find accurate cancer information 
  • locate community cancer resources

Over the last 10 years, askMDAnderson has responded to the information needs of more than 327,000 callers and nearly 170,000 Internet customers.

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