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Moon Shots Program

How team science aims to beat cancer

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How team science aims to beat cancer

 Ron DePinho, M.D., president of MD Anderson, gives an update on the Moon Shots Program at an Oct. 18 press conference. Photo by F. Carter Smith

MD Anderson’s Moon Shots Program is an unprecedented, comprehensive assault to significantly reduce deaths from cancer. The program comprises six teams of MD Anderson researchers and clinicians initially focusing on these eight cancers:

Each moon shot team is pursuing innovative projects prioritized for greatest patient impact, ranging from basic and translational research to biomarker-driven novel clinical trials. Specialized platforms provide infrastructure, systems and strategy. The ultimate goal is to apply knowledge gained from this process to all cancers. Moon shot efforts will help support all other cancer research at MD Anderson, particularly with improved resources and infrastructure. Funding is from private philanthropy, institutional earnings, competitive research grants and commercialization of new discoveries.

 Click on the image to learn about the Moon Shots Program's 1-year milestones.

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