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Donald Lowd

My Moon Shot

Promise -

Donald Lowd is a retired Air Force veteran whose civilian career landed him at a retina practice in Houston. Diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2009, he refused to accept the dismal odds he was initially given. He turned instead to MD Anderson and Christopher Logothetis, M.D., chair of Genitourinary Medical Oncology, to help him win “the Super Bowl of life.”

 Donald Lowd and his wife, Sharon. Photo by F. Carter Smith

It was the third quarter, so to speak, and I was losing. I needed synergy to help me. I started with support from my family around me, people at work and a great medical team at MD Anderson. And of course I relied on my faith. There’s no comparison to the combination of expertise and caring at MD Anderson. I’ve felt so comfortable being there.  The staff is upbeat and positive. You have people who really care about you, and that gives you hope. You can go anywhere in the world to get treatment for prostate cancer, but MD Anderson is outstanding. It’s the top place to be treated. It’s absolutely phenomenal that the Moon Shots Program is focusing on prostate cancer. The patients behind me and patients in the future — we’ll all benefit.

 Click on the image to watch a video about Donald Lowd's cancer journey.

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