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Marion Meyer

My Moon Shot

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My Moon Shot

 Marion Meyer
Photo by F. Carter Smith

Marion Meyer, a retired biochemist, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) in 2001. She says her oncologist, Michael Keating, M.D., professor of Leukemia and co-leader of MD Anderson’s CLL Moon Shot, has never allowed her to lose hope.

I say "hooray" that CLL has been chosen as a moon shot. When you’re diagnosed, to know there’s so much hope for people to experience a good quality of life during treatment, and even a cure down the road, what a wonderful thing to celebrate. I’m happy I could experience life how it was supposed to be. Cancer is out of the way! I take one pill a day and my disease is controlled. I golf, I paint, I travel to Europe with my grandchildren. I’m not limited in any capacity of life. That’s why I’m so grateful to Dr. Keating and MD Anderson.

 Click on the image to watch a video about Marion Meyer's journey with CLL.

What’s your moon shot? Contact us at promise@ and tell us why MD Anderson’s Moon Shots Program is important to you.

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