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MD Anderson Presents Patient Power - February 19, 2008

More from Patient Power host Andrew Schorr on the Advances in the Treatment of Thyroid and Parathyroid Tumors show.

43-year-old Ana Schick of Houston was fortunate to go to a party at a friend’s house last year. That’s where she met an MD Anderson surgeon who specializes in tumors of the endocrine system: tumors found in the thyroid, parathyroid or adrenal glands. Little did Ana know she’d been needing the services of Dr. Nancy Perrier. Before long, as she needed a second biopsy for a lump on her thyroid gland, it was obvious to her to see a subspecialist like Dr. Perrier and at a center where there is a multidisciplinary team like at MD Anderson.

Like me, Ana is a big fan of MD Anderson where she felt she got expert, compassionate care that gives her the best chance of a full and long life.

In our webcast with Ana and Dr. Perrier, Dr. Perrier is eloquent and quite passionate, not as a physician, but as a healthcare consumer herself in explaining why people should seek the best care right from the beginning. When it comes to cancer or even non-malignancies of the endocrine system, coming to a center such as MD Anderson first makes sense. As Dr. Perrier explains – and I have heard before – the specialists at MD Anderson often see cases that are more difficult because the first treatment, somewhere else, was not right and did more harm than good.

This is not to say that MD Anderson is the only top center. What we mean is you should seek top providers and maybe even a second or third opinion from specialists before you take action. For example, in endocrine tumors, usually you have time to make a thoughtful decision. You want to feel confident you have received the best advice.

Ana met Dr. Perrier socially first, but it was while she was trying to understand what was going on with her thyroid. That casual first meeting made it an easy path to quality care. While we don’t always get to meet our doctors in this way, the “light bulb” can go on just the same as to the importance of seeking out an expert. Don’t you deserve that?

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