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MD Anderson Presents Patient Power - June 17, 2008

More from Patient Power host Andrew Schorr on the Personalized Medicine for Breast and Ovarian Cancer show.

It was literally thrilling to be a cancer survivor and hear our webcast discussion with Dr. Gordon Mills and breast cancer survivor Sonia Molad-Einstein. Dr. Mills runs a whole group of 100 or so researchers at MD Anderson developing new ways to personalize cancer care. Personalized cancer care is based on an individual’s genetics, the specific biological characteristics of a cancer they develop and how their body responds to specific medicines. The benefit is, hopefully, a higher likelihood of curing the cancer – or knocking it back to a very manageable low level and delivering a treatment that has much milder side effects, if any.

Sonia is a younger woman who was diagnosed with what used to be the most feared form of breast cancer, but “personalized medicine” for her meant receiving a new, targeted therapy for her specific tumor type. It has allowed her to go on with a normal life rather than fear the ravages of a cancer that’s out of control.

A side note, Sonia was so eager to be on our live webcast that she stayed up until 4:00 a.m. while on vacation and called in from Israel. She said she felt it was appropriate to celebrate life in a call from the “Holy Land”. I agree!

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