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MD Anderson Presents Patient Power - July 15, 2008

More from Patient Power host Andrew Schorr on the Cancer and Sexuality show.

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about cancer treatment and some time talking about managing side effects, but, not surprisingly, we haven’t talked about one issue that is a basic part of life – sex and sexuality. Now we’ve fixed that because MD Anderson has a world expert on this topic, Leslie Schover, Ph.D. Dr. Schover joined me recently to talk frankly about sex and the cancer patient.

I know in my own case, I put my sex life on ice as I fought for my life and worried about my future. But for my wife and myself, it was a concern as time went on. What was safe? What was healthy? I am a leukemia patient, but what about for breast cancer patients or men treated for prostate cancer? It’s even more on point for them.

Pamela Lewis is a breast cancer survivor who just happens to work with Dr. Schover. At 36 she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and as a single woman, her concerns about sex and sexuality were real. They remain real now in her dating relationships.

Pamela spoke frankly about this, and we are indebted to her and Dr. Schover for this frank discussion. While our M.D.’s may not always be comfortable in covering this, thank goodness Pamela and Dr. Schover from MD Anderson help us explore it with real information you can use.

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